The ALTAIR Story:  In the Ohio city of Westerville, an idea has evolved. Community has embraced commerce. And businesses are soaring. A new office park campus is taking shape, naturally balancing corporate office business with complementary retail in a pleasurable atmosphere. It is ALTAIRŪ.

History has sung the praises of the quiet, peaceful Village of Westerville. Today, the historic Uptown District and cultural ambiance continue to keep those values alive, while just around the corner, commerce thrives in Westerville's new, growing business district Westar.

ALTAIRŪ is Westar's heart. Just ten miles north of downtown Columbus and Port Columbus International Airport, ALTAIRŪ enjoys easy access to other major cities, thanks to Central Ohio's outstanding highway system. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh are all less than 200 miles away. And more than half of the U.S. population can be found within a 500-mile radius.

ALTAIR'sŪ envied presence nestles between Westerville's "Norman Rockwell" historic uptown area and the booming Polaris area of commerce. This provides the opportunity for residents and workers to enjoy the area's old-fashioned charm and character while simultaneously experiencing absolutely the most current, modern office features of ALTAIRŪ.

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